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In about 2015 I started to get serious about restoring the MGB. But I didn’t have the slightest idea where or how to start. Take a look below. This is the left half of the garage. Somewhere in the piles of tools, machines, boxes, spare wood and just plain junk is the car.

Can you find the MG?

The MG is stored here – but where?

Hint: look for a windshield…

Here is another view from my little shop toward the front…

Storage pile viewed from the shop

Here it is. Now what?

The Plan…

Sell, move, minimize or trash everything on three sides so I can get at the car and try to locate things like the complete rear axle, front and rear suspension, brakes, steering, etc. which I removed in the mid-1980’s.

To do that I had to sell several old but good quality machine tools. A 1942 9-inch 4.5 ft. South Bend metal lathe, Craftsman Wood lathe, Jointer, Metal Shaper, Radial Arm Drill, and that is just the big stuff. To sell the shaper and lathes I had to recondition them so among trips to the trash can I began that task.

Here is the metal lathe, reconditioned and ready for sale…

South Bend 9″ x 4.5 ft. metal Lathe

This lathe was a beauty. Sorry to sell it.


And here is the reconditioned Craftsman Wood Lathe.

Craftsman Wood Lathe


this is the end but check back for more…

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